UoN Collaboration with University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

A team from the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, led by the  Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs, Professor Ariel Armony, met with members from the Department of Sociology, Social Work and African Women's Studies to explore opportunities for staff and student collaboration. The UoN team was led by our Dean in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Professor Jack Odhiambo.

Team Integrity, the new Faculty leaders

The University of Nairobi held its Faculty and Campus Students Association (FCSA) annual elections. The elections were held virtually on Friday March 25th, 2022.

There were three teams competing for FCSA office in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences FOASS; Team Success, Team Okuz and Team Integrity.

Team Integrity took the lead with a total of 1361 votes followed closely by Team Okuz with 1179 votes. The incoming Chairperson representing FOASS in FCSA is Peter Nguka.

Varsity enters deal to support women in cross border trade

The University of Nairobi through the Women Economic Empowerment HUB (WEE-HUB) has signed an MOU with the Ministry of East African Community and Regional Development and the Collaborative Centre for Gender Development and the Collaborative Centre for Gender and Development (CCGD) that will see the three support women in cross border trade.

Demise of a Great Social Work Icon from India, Professor Vimla Nadkarni.

  Professor Nadkarni has distinguished herself in the field of Social  work, both in  academia and the practice of social work.  She is recognized for her exemplary leadership in the 

International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) steering the IASSW to become an effective organization in promoting academic excellence.

Professor Nadkarni has visited the University of Nairobi twice, and in her last visit presented a paper at the International Social Work symposium held at the UoN Towers.