The University of Nairobi held a one-day symposium on Community Based Child Protection on November 23rd, 2023. This symposium was organized by the Department of Sociology, Social Works and African Women Studies in partnership with Stanbic Bank under the theme “Building Courageous Child Protection Communities in Kenya”. The symposium’s workstations resembled a kindergarten playroom. They were covered in colors, group charts, books, pens and individually folded Child Protection Community Maps. The setup exuded meticulous planning and organization all the while creating a very learner friendly environment. 

The symposium was informed by the likes of Prof. Gidraph Wairire, Department of Sociology, Social Works and African Women Studies. Mr. Noah Sanganyi, Child and Social Protection Specialist and Dr. Dee Blackie, Managing Director Courage Child Protection. All of whom reiterated need to protect, provide and defend a child.

Mr. Noah Sanganyi expounding on Child Protection Legislative Landscape stated, “The law identifies a child as a person of integrity and protects them as such”. He also gave the framework of Child Protection in Kenya discussing the E.A Child policy of 2016 and Rights of the child (Article 53]. He also highlighted Orphan Protection where the law protects orphans from being disinherited and their property stolen.

Prof. Wairire gave a detailed overview of Child Protection in Kenya. He pointed out that,” A Social Worker cannot work in isolation of the Law”. This was also reiterated by Dr. Blackie on Drivers of Personal and Community Empowerment under Partnerships and Collaboration.

Dr. Dee Blackie delivered a home run with practical application and learner engagement. She emphasized the crucial role communities play in Child Protection. Using the Child Protection Community Map to simply but vividly imprint learners with essential Child Protection tools. After the symposium you are a Social Worker/Child Protection Agent. This workshop is that good. It’s filled with thought provoking games on the Child Protection Community Map with real time impact on learners.

In addition, Workshop lessons are available for download on Get yourself a copy of the Child Protection Community Map and become a certified Social Work.