Collaboration with CODAID 

Humanitarian and development organisation contributing to poverty reduction and enhancing social justice through support programmes including:

  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Enhancing linkages
  • Facilitating learning through short courses
  • Informing policy on matters of Disaster Risk Reduction

The collaboration between the the University of Nairobi and Kalamazoo Collenge in Micigan USA dates back to 1965 and consists of both staff and student exchanges. A number of staff from the University of Nairobi have benefitted from the faculty exchange. Every year, the University receives Kalamazoo College students and in return, 2 University of Nairobi students join Kalamazoo College for 9 months as international students. For more information click on the following link.

A Brief on the Collaboration with Kalamazoo College

Watch Videos of the Kalamazoo Program in Kenya on youtube

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Making New Friendships on Study Abroad

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Homestay -- with Saskia

Food, Health & Safety -- with Saskia

Meet the Homestay Parents -- with Joe and Rose Ngatiaris

Meet the Homestay Parents, Part II -- with Joe and Rose Ngatiaris

Our K College Sister -- with Saskia and Nicole

 2. Collaboration with University of Illinois 

To create solutions for water quality issues in developing regions, an integrated approach between engineering, chemistry, and sociology is necessary. In order to ensure sustainability of the solution, it is essential that an in-country presence is maintained throughout the implementation process. It is against this background that the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign initiated collaboration with the University of Nairobi and Bondo University College to begin addressing the issues surrounding water quality in Bondo, Siaya County. 

3. PROSOWO Project

PROSOWO is an acronym for the Project - Promotion of Professional Social Work Towards Social Development and Poverty Reduction in East Africa. It involves five partner universities in five countries namely Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (Austria), University of Nairobi (Kenya), Makerere University (Uganda), National University of Rwanda (Rwanda) and Institute of Social Work (Tanzania). The project officially started in March 2011. In Kenya, the project is being implemented through the Department of Sociology and Social Work under the coordination of Dr. Gidraph Wairire who also serves as the Kenya country and East African Regional Coordinator of the project. For more details on the project click on the following link.


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