To be a department of high repute with regard to research, application and transmission of knowledge in social sciences to promote social development.

Diploma In Criminology and Social Order
Degree Code:CSO
Degree Name:Diploma In Criminology and Social Order
Degree Type:DIPLOMA
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CSO 001 Introduction To Sociology And Anthropology View Description
CSO 002 Introduction To Criminology View Description
CSO 005 The Rural And Urban Context Of Crime View Description
CSO 006 Gender And Crime View Description
CSO 010 Introduction To Collective Behaviour View Description
CSO 003 Methods Of Social Investigation View Description
CSO 007 Penology View Description
CSO 008 Counseling View Description
CSO 009 Introduction To Law, Society And Social Order View Description
CSO 013 Juvenile Deliquency View Description
CSO 014 Social Rehabilitation View Description
CSO 011 The Disciplinary Society View Description
CSO 012 Introduction To Political Sociology View Description
CSW O16 Introduction To Community Development And Social Welfare View Description
CPP 016 Introduction To Ethics View Description
CRS 017 Introduction To Religioius Principles And Social Order View Description
CSO O18 Research PaperView Description

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