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Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Degree Code:CSJ
Degree Name:Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Degree Type:BACHELOR
Degree Duration:


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CSO 101 Introduction To SociologyView Description
CSO 102 Introduction To AnthropologyView Description
CSO 103 Introduction To Compartive SociologyView Description
CSO 104 The Socialization ProcessView Description
CSJ 201 Foundations Of Criminology And Criminal JusticeView Description
CSO 202 Quantitative Research Methods View Description
CSJ 204 Correctional Systems View Description
CSJ 206 Identity, Crime, And Justice View Description
CSJ 207 Domestic ViolenceView Description
CSJ 208 Deviance And CrimeView Description
CSJ 209 Justice And Social ControlView Description
CSJ 210 Gender, Crime, And JusticeView Description
CSJ 210 Gender, Crime, And JusticeView Description
CSO 204 Social Statistics I View Description
CSJ 205 Juvenile DelinquencyView Description
CSJ 211 Crime Prevention And Community SafetyView Description
CSJ 212 Substance AbuseView Description
CSJ 213 Organized CrimeView Description
CSJ 214 Patterns And Measurement Of CrimeView Description
CSJ 215 Sociology Of LawView Description
CSJ 301 Crime And Delinquency TheoryView Description
CSO 302 Qualitative Research Methods View Description
GPR 201 & 207 The Law Of Evidence View Description
CSJ 306 Proposal Writing And Program EvaluationView Description
GPR 105 Criminal Law I View Description
CSJ 308 Institutional And Community CorrectionsView Description
GPR 206 Criminal Procedure And PracticeView Description
CSO 309 Political SociologyView Description
CSO 308 Social Statistics IiView Description
CSJ 304 InternshipView Description
CSJ 310 VictimologyView Description
CSJ 311 Forensic Science View Description
CSJ 312 Law Enforcement And Administration Of JusticeView Description
CSJ 313 Economics Of Crime View Description
CSJ 314 Ethics And Criminal Justice View Description
CSJ 413 Criminal Justice PolicyView Description
CSJ 414 DissertationView Description
CSJ 401 Applied Techniques Of Crime AnalysisView Description
CSJ 402 Contemporary Rehabilitation ApproachesView Description
GPR 111 Criminal Law Ii View Description
GPR 312 Alternative Dispute ResolutionView Description
CSJ 404 Human Rights, Justice, And GovernanceView Description
CSJ 405 Community PolicingView Description
CSJ 406 Terrorism And Counter-terrorismView Description
CSJ 415 Integrated SeminarView Description
CSJ 407 Crime And Conflict ManagementView Description
CSJ 408 Correctional CounsellingView Description
CSJ 408 Correctional CounsellingView Description
CSJ 416 Disaster ManagementView Description
CSJ 409 Environmental CrimeView Description
CSJ 410 International Crime Control And PreventionView Description
CSJ 411 Forensic Psychology View Description
CSJ 412 Crime And MediaView Description

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