To be a department of high repute with regard to research, application and transmission of knowledge in social sciences to promote social development.

Community Development Studies
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Under this program the principles and strategies of community development are critically examined with a view to operationalize them.  The objectives of the program  are to develop a sound understanding of the background and context of contemporary community development with special emphasis on Africa. The program looks at the changing role of the state in development and how communities can use their skills to develop themselves including their capacity to assess and critically evaluate community interventions. An understanding of community development strategies is critical to understanding of national development and policy making.

Head of Thematic Area:

Prof. P.O. Chitere

Members in Thematic Area:

1. . Prof. E. Mburugu


3. Prof. M. Yambo

4. Dr. R. M. Ocharo

5. Dr. G. Wairire


7. Mr. J. G. Kariuki

8. Ms. L. Owiti


Projects under the thematic area:

Degree course:

  1. Diploma in Social Work and Social Development
  2. B.A. in Community Development (Being Developed)
  3. PGD in Rural Sociology and Community development
  4. M.A. in Rural Sociology and Community development
  5. Ph. D

Career opportunities:

Those trained in this area work in Government Departments that deal with Rural development and Community Development, Research Institutes and organizations & related development agencies.