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Criminology and Criminal Justice
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The program addresses crime and related concerns in the contemporary society focusing on the intersection of human rights, governance and administration of justice. The program draws from areas such as sociology, anthropology, economics, psychology, psychiatry, history, political science and philosophy. It also draws from professions such as law, medicine and social work.

The scope of the program covers theories, the criminal justice system and the administration of justice, types of crimes, applied methods of investigation and statistical applications, society and human behavior, crime prevention and control, comparative justice and human rights.

Head of Thematic Area:

Prof. O.N. Gakuru


Members in Thematic Area:

Dr. M. Chepkonga

Dr. K. Kiemo


Dr. B. Mutsotso


Dr. Jeniffer Birech

Mr. T. Nyangau

Mr. K. Ouko

 Projects under the thematic area:

The program was proposed by the Department in 2011 and approved by Senate in December 2012

Degree course:

  1. Diploma in Criminology and Social Order
  2. Bachelor in Criminology and Justice Systems
  3. PGD in Criminology and Social Order
  4. M.A. in Criminology and Social Order
  5. Ph.D.

Career opportunities:

The program contributes towards the understanding, prevention and control of crime which is a pre-requisite to national development. The graduates qualify for careers in criminal justice institutions, corporate sector and the agencies concerned with issues of peace, human rights and national cohesion and integration.