To be a department of high repute with regard to research, application and transmission of knowledge in social sciences to promote social development.

Social Work
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Social Work-A professional course dedicated to helping individuals, groups and communities facing social problems. Using both rehabilitative and developmental approaches, social work intervention seeks to restore people’s social functioning, capacities and general well-being. These objectives are achieved through casework, group work, community work/organization, social work research and social welfare administration.

Head of Thematic Area:

Dr. Nungari Salim


Members in Thematic Area:


Dr Gidraph G. Wairire


Dr Edward Ontita

Dr Mumbi Machera


Ms Aisha Haji

Mr Allan Korongo


Dr. Jennifer Birech.


Projects under the thematic area:

Past: National Social Workers Curriculum Revision Project. The project was funded by ILO/IPEC.

Ongoing: Professional Social Work in East Africa (PROSOWO).  It is funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation.

Degree course: B.A. (Social Work)

Career opportunities:

Social work is one of the most sought after specializations in Kenya. Social workers work in various settings such as children aid agencies (e.g. UNICEF, Save the Children, Child Fund and World Vision); family service agencies (e.g. Family Care International and Family Planning Association of Kenya); Correctional institutions (e.g. probation/after care and Prisons Service); welfare administration agencies and provision of counseling services.