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An essential feature of any successful organization is employees’ satisfaction. One of the most important challenges facing managers is therefore the creation of a context within which employee satisfaction is enhanced and sustained.  This motivates employees to act effectively enabling the organization to achieve its vision, mission and goals. Therefore, the perception of an employee towards employment has a direct effect on the quality of the expected output. The objective of this study was to determine the factors affecting employees’ satisfaction. Specifically, the study sought to establish whether job security, employee - supervisor relationship, opportunity for advancement and the working conditions affected the level of job satisfaction among the employees at the City Council of Nairobi. The study gathered descriptive data using a questionnaire from employees who had worked at the council for more than three years.  The study revealed that staff at the City Council Nairobi felt secure about employment. In addition the study found that employees’ relationship with the supervisors and the working conditions at the council contributed to a positive level of satisfaction. The study also found that promotions were not done in a fair manner and factors such as tribalism determined an individual’s chances of being promoted.

The study concluded that overall job security affected employee satisfaction to a great extent. The study deduced that organization structure at the CCN influenced allocation of tasks, facilitated the flow of work, coordination of objectives, linked individuals to activities and gave individuals authority to perform tasks. The study also concluded that the supervisors clearly communicated what was expected and employees were satisfied with their understanding of how targets were linked to the Council's goals. Supervisors encouraged high achievement by reducing the fear of failure and provided continuous feedback to help employees achieve. The study recommended that there should be clear communication of what is expected of employees with provisions for continuous feedback to help them achieve the objectives of their jobs. Staff promotions should be done in a fair and equitable manner as this will enhance morale at the Council. Other approaches to solving the problem of employee satisfaction would involve employee remunerations; for example special duty allowances, better pay and staff motivation.