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The Department of Sociology and Social Work will host a seminar on ‘Post-conflict Institutional Designs and Challenges to African Democracies’ on June 8th, 2016 at 10 Hrs in GW 406. Prof. Abu Bakarr Bah of the Department of Sociology at Northern Illinois University will give the seminar. Prof. Bah is a renowned scholar in conflict studies and is a Carnegie African Diaspora Scholar at Rongo University College in Kenya. In the seminar, Prof Bah will integrate conflict theories into practical post-conflict institutional designs to prevent conflict and realize sustainable relative societal harmony. He will then delve into the challenges that the institutional designs pose to African Democracies. Are we to cherish political stability based on institutions that repress democracy and freedoms? Is peace in the context of human rights violations temporary or temporal? What is the ideal architecture of post-conflict institutional arrangements in Africa? Do democracy and human and human rights matter or is peace and harmony to be achieved at any cost? This seminar aspires to deal with some of the foregoing questions and more. Graduate students and academic staff are invited to participate in the seminar.  

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